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Hear Helen’s Amazing Story
I Noticed A Real Reduction In Bloating And Gas And My Digestion Has Just Been So Much Better.

Helen, Age 49

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Mark R.

Best colon cleanse I ever tried
Mark R. 5 star

QuoteiconI am 46 y/o and I suffer from constipation all my life, doctors prescribed anything and everything out there, from long term treatment to quick fix and nothing worked. So I was a bit skeptical about placing an order for Colopril but let me tell you; I am on my 4th day and it has been amazing, I poop at least 3x day (whaaattt I used to last weeks.without going to the bathroom) my stomach feels so light and best part I don’t get cramps. I have lost 5 lbs thus far (say wooooooord) I am a happy camper and deff will order again.Quoteicon1

Alex S

Colopril Really Work!
Alex S. 5 star

QuoteiconThis is actually my second purchase of Colopril. I purchased the Colopril as I was looking for something to help relieve my stomach bloating, and felt that a cleanse may work. After reading the amazing reviews of it, I had to try Colopril. I will admit the first morning after taking the first pill the night before, I was having second thoughts and thinking “good Lord what have I done!” I came back for more a month later as I felt that the Colopril really helped to rid my gut of junk. I did find myself hungrier and thirstier than normal while taking these, and I highly recommend drinking a lot of water to help with the overall effectiveness of the product. I have recommended Colopril to all my friends and will be purchasing another bottle.Quoteicon1

Beryl B.

Beryl B. 5 star

QuoteiconSo, I have purchased thousands (unfortunately, I do not think that is an exaggeration) of items, and I believe this is my first review. My stomach hates me. Have always had issues. For quite sometime, I have not been able to go to the bathroom without the assistance of stronger laxatives (typically, also needed triple dosage), which I know are not healthy. And, sometimes, they don’t even work. So, saw Colopril, read the reviews, and thought I might as well try. So grateful I did. Take it every every day as suggested on its official website. For the last week I have gone to the bathroom every morning. No stomach cramps, no emergency runs (no pun intended) during the day. Almost clockwork every morning. Feel so much better. Will definitely order Colopril again.Quoteicon1

Tyler B.

Most effective product. Ever.
Tyler B. 5 star

Quoteicon As someone who has suffered from chronic constipation for over 30 years, having tried every form of laxative, stool softener and even prescription medication available, I can truthfully say Colopril has been the MOST beneficial product I have ever used. I purchased it not so much as a “cleanser” but more of a “I sure hope I can poop for a change” purpose. I was pleasantly surprised in both categories. From day 1, I strated taking colopril as directed, I would wake up in the morning with a healthy bowel movement. No gas or cramps like some others have experienced. Just a large, productive bowel movement. I can, however, report with absolute certainty that Colopril is more effective for me than anything I have ever tried. I literally felt 20 years younger, sharper minded, more energetic and less sick and sluggish than normal. I experienced no side-effects and nothing but predictable, complete daily poops. I am grateful.Quoteicon1


IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sammy 5 star

Quoteicon Excellent. I have never felt at ease with my stomach until now. I only ate small portions of food because it hurt to eat a full plate of food a day. This Colopril is 5 stars. I can eat now and relive myself and feel comfortable. I recommend to everyone that has gas and does not have regular bowel movements. You can now. Laxatives are a joke. There is no true full relief. I have been on laxatives for years. But this a huge difference. No pain and I have energy, I will continue buying Colopril every month.Quoteicon1

Rosa D.

Excellent Product!!!!
Rosa D. 5 star

QuoteiconI was a bit skeptical at first to try this, but I gave Colopril a shot. On the 2nd day is I felt the effects! Wow!! I feel so much less bloated and I’ve lost about 8lbs. Since starting Colopril. I also started watching what I eat and started walking about 30-45 a day. I feel like Colopril really cleaned me out. I will be continuing Colopril as recommended. Would definitely recommend to my freinds!! Try it you won’t regret it. Quoteicon1

Ming W.

It will change your life
Ming W. 5 star

QuoteiconColopril guys have changed my life. I found Colopril about six months before my wedding, and it is able to completely clear out my digestive tract and get rid of the bloating, consolation, and stomach aches I had literally had for YEARS. I will never not have these in my life. In conjunction with a better diet (no dairy), and a chlorella supplement, I lost 30 pounds of fat and waste in about 6 months time. I take these pills as directed. I feel better than I have in years. Colopril is really good and it works amazing. Quoteicon1

Sarah G.

I do not feel bloated any more.
Sarah G. 5 star

QuoteiconI had some serious bloating and probable constipation going on for weeks if not months. After taking Colopril for one week, although my weight stayed the same; I lost 1 inch in my waistline and 1.75 inches around my hip/abdominal area. I can’t say how relieved I am of the results. I do frequent the restroom more often; but I can certainly live with that. This is actually the 2nd time I have used Colopril. I also worked out during this time; strength and cardio; that may have had a little to do with the inches loss; but I do not feel bloated any more. Quoteicon1


Your energy level definitely is changing on good way..
Christina 5 star

QuoteiconYour energy level definitely is changing on good way..
Love Colopril!!!! I have tried plenty of products that say they helps with detoxifying you’re indigestion system but they never work, but Colopril really really work and they really helped me with the constipation I was dealing with. Didn’t keep me on the toilet all day like some say. I have felt huge difference since I started taking Colopril as directed. Colopril is the best colon cleanser I’ve ever used. Thank you Colopril! Quoteicon1

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